This data was retrieved from Config.cs, running Terraria v1.1.2.

Buff Attributes

Terraria Attributes Edit

Name Type Description
id int The ID for the buff which allows other objects to refer to it. For a custom buff, use -1, otherwise place the value of an existing one. See also How to Make a Custom Buff.
  • Default value: -1
tip string The tooltip that is displayed when the buff is moused over.
  • Default value: ""
debuff bool Whether this is a buff, which may be removed by right clicking, or a debuff which may not be removed manually. It is recommended you set this to false for testing purposes, and then change it to what it should be after you're done testing.
alpha float The alpha blending to apply to the buff icon. As this is a float, it is a decimal value. Unsure whether 1.00 is fully transparent or opaque, or if 255 behaves this way, as the fact this is a float is inconsistent with other alpha attributes.
name string The name of the buff when it is moused over.
  • Default value: "Unnamed"

tConfig Attributes Edit

Name Type Description
dontDisplayTime bool Set this to True or False to either hide or show the remaining Time