AM Please list any bugs or strange behavior on this page, or in the comments section below.

When submitting a bug report, please include what tConfig version you are running, whether it happened on single player or multiplayer, and if it is possible to reproduce. In addition, please mark the bug's priority as indicated below.

Bugs will be removed as they are fixed; if you want to look at previous issues, please refer to this page's history.

Priority Edit

Priority is used to quickly assess how severe an issue is. Higher priority issues will be dealt with first, if possible. Note that an issue's priority may be downgraded, if it is incorrectly classified.

  • [ !! ] Critical bug
    • Anything that can crash the game or tConfig.
    • Example: The game crashes or won't load.
  • [ ! ] Major bug
    • Anything that causes disruptive behavior, destroys or damages items, or is an exploit
    • Example: Massive game slowdown, item deletion, or item duplication
  • [ * ] Minor bug
    • Anything that is a cosmetic issue or isn't immediately gamebreaking.
    • Example: The menu is rendered incorrectly, or a recipe is missing.
  • [ ? ] Potential issue
    • Any strange behavior or quirks that don't necessarily cause harm, but are still noteworthy.
    • Example: Any unclassified behavior that doesn't quite fit into the above categories.
  • [ x ] Not a bug
    • An issue that isn't actually a bug.
    • Example: The game won't run. However, the issue was determined to be because of the user's incorrect settings, instead of tConfig itself.

Bugs By Version Edit

[*] In the beta version the player is unable to jump, this has been tested with Omnirs mod enabled and mods disabled.

tconfig 29.0Edit

[!!] Crashes on trying to view player

[*] Seeds for potted flowers can be planted on grass blocks

[!!] TConfig crashes while generating world

[!!] Item does not appear ingame, CAN'T FIX!

[!!] TConfig suddenly stops working and delets a profile forever. [NO SOLUTION FOUND/CANT FIX!]

tconfig 28.8aEdit

[*] Edit by Light - Armour and Vanity: If equip a item in social slot and removes it, appear the message:                 "Equipped in social slot                                                                                                                                ​​     No stats will by gained"

[!!] Edit by tyler Crashes? When starting/creating a singleplayer world game crashes instantly tested with and without mods (*Fix delete the 00 - However many folders in temp and delete config.ini then re setup mods. Its runStack priority error. This has been a known issues since modpack_runtime_temp folder has gone into circulation.)

tconfig 28.5gEdit

[?] Edit by Wingzero007 - Tconfig Server Console: The option (S) is none functional.

[?] Edit by Wingzero007 - Main Menu: Whenever the music is set to play after the mod table is reloaded the game plays the music a second time while continuing to play the music already. (Music Overlaps)

[!] Edit by Wingzero007 - Host and Play using just final cheat menu 2 - Open remaking a world after shutting off many mods the game crashed.

[*] The player is still unable to jump, tested with Omnirs mod and without mods enabled.

Version 28.5eEdit

[!!] Edit by Wingzero007- Single Player Issue: Life Increase Error - When I attempted to use a life crystal it used it but did not apply the effects.

[!!] Edit by Wingzero007 - Multiplayer Issue: The server remained stable for approximately 10 mins then destablized. The first is is DWAO2 stopped working followed by enemy drops being unable to be picked up. (*Try and focus on slowing down framerates in multiplayer to about 20-30 frames and add a resync feature to tconfig. also to prevent mods from failing to work with multiplayer why not force multiplayer hooks to be a requirement?)

[*] The player is still unable to jump in this update, tested with Omnirs mod and withut mods enabled.

My mods used:

Version 28.5aEdit

[!!] Edit by Wingzero007 - Multiplayer Issue: Opon more then 1 player entering the server that player is immediatly killed.

[!!] Edit by Wingzero007- Single Player Issue: Life Increase Error - When I attempted to use a life crystal it used it but did not apply the effects.

[*] The player is still unable to jump in this update, tested with Omnirs mod and without any mods enabled.

My mods used:

Version 28.3v and higher (latest beta)Edit

[ !! ] If you have any modpack that includes NPCs which will spawn in the world, the game will chrash after ~5 seconds.

[ * ] The player is unable to jump with or without mods enabled, tested with omnirs mod.

[!] Will say player is a homosexual if he/she makes a character by the name of Herobrine.

Version 0.28.2Edit

[ ! ] tConfig generates/suffers from large amounts of game slowdown after 3-5 minutes of play. Tested with and without any active mods. (Dec 25 2012, 17:00 GMT-6) [ALREADY FIXED IN BETA]

[ ? ] When reloading mods, the MOTD changes

Version 0.27.5Edit

[ !! ] TConfig crashes for no reason after serveral minutes of gameplay. I dont have an idea for this reason, but it may be from the Failed to load mod error. This also happened to me in 0.27.2 (listed below).

Version 0.27.3h Beta (Last Updated 11/1/2012 21:15 EST (20:15 GMT +0) by Poro)Edit

  •  [ !! ] tConfig randomly chrashes. tested when selling one diamond to the merchant when it was day with TCCLtC. (origin from 0.27.3e)

Version 0.27.3b Beta (Last Updated 10/18/2012 18:49 by Poro)Edit

  • [ ! ] Mods randomly fail to work. (Tested Multiplayer) *Noted with the builder mode mod* Could be a bug with the mod though...*
  • [ ! ] Npc's lag port randomly (Tested on Multiplayer)
  • [ x ] Now the Item 'Value' Attribute is the value when BUYING the item, not when SELLING it.
  • [ ? ] The world file randomly fails to save and crashes without warning *Note I am still running tests I will verify if this is consistent or not. I will state whenever it crashes the save file hits 79%* ("Update- I shut off almost all my mods and I have had no issues. I had a great deal of mods active during first test Will continue bug investigation")

Version 0.27.2Edit

  • [ !! ] Tconfig crashes when it tries to reload your mods after Tconfig got the error: 'Failed to load <modname>, the given key is'nt present in the dictioinary.
  • [ !! ] When spawning a world spawning a large world crashes game.
  • [ !! ] Friendly Npc's suddenly vanish from the map and if you click social it shows them missing. (Tested Extensively.) *Note this is the first time in tconfig I have seen this issue... so it must be apart of the newer design algorithm.
  • [ ! ] Custom generated chests (world generation) bug out; if there's a tile near the chest, it duplicates, and the tile is colored grey and mineable, even when items are in the chest [because of the placeStyle? [4]]
  • [ ? ] When using the multiplayer server and storing items in chests all chests appear to be empty after having previouslly stored a slew of items.

Version 0.27.1Edit

  • [ ? ] I'm encountering a bug where sometimes placed torches and saplings turn into a pink 'missing texture' block; only occurs during multiplayer play. - Taien
    • Confirmed. The glitched torches/saplings also drop random items upon being broken, but mostly torches. I managed to get a Cursed Flames before the corruption tier because of this! (Among several Goblin Statues...)
  • [ !! ] tConfig chrashes when it should show 'Failed to load <modname>, the given key is'nt present in the dictioinary.
  • [ * ] When the 'autoReuse' tag is set to true in the .ini, moving backwards while swinging a sword in game, the 'swing' animation will be reversed, resulting in the arm swinging normally while the sword swings 'backwards'. Occured in single player, but can be assumed it happens for multiplayer as well. - ColonyDrone8

Version 0.24Edit

  • [ * ] When running a server in online mode, running OreRunner (after world generation, during online play) results in a Null reference exception. I tracked it into the if statement just above where the tiles' types are set to the generated ore type. It's originating from the Main.tile[k, m].type and Main.tile[k,m].active code, which seem to be returning null. Possibly not a bug, I made a tutorial to get around this.

Version 0.23.5aEdit

Unknown version (above 0.21, plays multiplayer once per week)Edit

  • [ ! ] Npcs from custom mods (obsidian's mod, for example) don't work on multiplayer correctly. For example, my friend sees a chicken that is invisible to me, or I "kill" a Demon eye and it keeps alive, then refills hp, then dies when it reaches 0. This can make co-op really hard.

    • Not a tConfig problem. Modders may need to implement some networking code to solve this.
    • ^ Could you elaborate on this? Seems like a common problem to new modders and we could really use a tutorial on basic networking code stuff to help with this.

Version 0.23.3Edit

Version 0.23.1Edit

I removed the v0.19.4 section I made earlier because most of the bugs were fixed in 0.23.1, here are the remaining 2 bugs from that section.

  • [ ! ] Items can still duplicate as mentioned in v0.19.4, heres a vid with us talking through microphones ingame
  • [ !! ] Projectiles with penetrating capability are overpowered because there does not seem to be a damage delay between hits, causing massive damage especially projectiles with unlimited penetrating, like the vilethorn. Tested with mods disabled. Note: Swords seem more like original Terraria now, but the projectiles (spears, vilethorn, any that penetrate) are still doing very rapid damage.

Version 0.21.4Edit

  • [ ? ] Corruptors seem to 'multiply' their sprite. Example. Bug still exists in 0.24c.

Версия 0.20.3Edit

  • [ !! ] Манекены одеты с обычаем, выгружается элементов приведет к краху игры. Пользовательские передач на манекены в настоящее время отключена до тех пор, пока это будет Исправлено. (Нет ETA наличии)
    • Размещение заказных броню на Манекены просто отключены, поэтому не случайный сбой может произойти
    • Примечание: пользовательские манекен mod должно быть сделано; если кто-то с этой задачей, сделать заказ манекен мод, который позволяет использовать пользовательский броню, и она может быть добавлена к tConfig, с разрешения & полный кредиты. Всё Дерьмо нахер

Version 0.16.7Edit

    • While this does work in a misleading way, you can get accessory prefixes to work using the 'prefixType' attribute in the INI file (set prefixType equal to the item type of the prefix setup you'd like to mimic).

Version 0.15.7Edit

  • [ ! ] Dropping an unloaded item in multiplayer will result in it disappearing. Item will exist just fine in the inventory or chest.
    • Fixed
  • [ * ] Recipes for coins are missing.
    • Fixed, except 100 silver -> 1 gold.

Version 0.11Edit

  • [ ? ] You can throw out modded swords near the end of their swing. This prevents that inventory slot from being used until the game is restarted.
    • Unable to replicate this issue - probably related to the armor equip bug