tConfig for v1.1.0.0+ Edit

For a sneak peek at what's planned for tConfig, see the To-Do List.

  • Create and share entire mods with a single file
  • Mods are checked for errors when they are compiled
  • Create new buffs and debuffs
  • Create entirely new projectiles with behavior you design
  • Create custom tiles
  • Create new items or completely change existing ones
  • Rebalance the effects of set bonuses, accessories, and items
  • Make new potions that do entirely new things
  • Create visual effects, such as magic sparkles every time you attack

tConfig for v1.0.6.1 Edit

  • Modify attributes of existing Items. Some common attributes are described here.
  • Create new Items, with custom images.
  • Create new Weapons (including guns!) that shoot existing or custom projectiles.
  • Create new types of Armor, including set effects.
  • Create or modify Projectiles, and create new ones with custom images.
  • Modify existing items, such as the Orb Of Light to make it faster or more useful.
  • Go crazy and make your sword shoot a stream of dynamite!
  • Make bosses and monsters more difficult by increasing their damage or their defense.
  • Make an NPC drop new or existing Items!
  • Change how NPCs spawn. For instance, you can make the Eye Of Cthulu have a 50% chance of spawning at night in a corrupted area.
  • Create new NPCs with that behave like existing ones, or give them their own AI.
  • Add effects to armor/accessories, and set bonuses to armor, using C# code.
  • Create items and then make them occur in-game with randomised stats and names.
  • Create your own buffs and debuffs.
  • Create your own magic spells.
  • The sky's the limit!