The in game sounds are divided by the kind of effect and the particular version ("style") of that effect. E.g. effect=2 represents noises made by items, while effect=2 and style=6 represents the Magic Mirror noise (the number used in item .ini files is the type, assuming an effect number of 2). Some effects seem to have only one sound associated with them, while others have dozens.

In code, you can call sounds as such:

Main.PlaySound(int listid, int x, int y, int soundid)

X and Y can be -1 to have the effect played on the character at the center of the screen, but I find it's better practice to keep actual values there, such as (int)player.velocity.X, (int)npc.velocity.Y, etc.

Currently there seems to be a bug in tConfig where listid must be equal to soundid for the effect to work online.

If you want to use a custom sound, use soundHandler.soundID["ExampleSound"].

As of version 28.4 soundhandler is with a captial SoundHandler.soundID["ExampleSound"].

Effect NumbersEdit

  1. Wooden thunk (general tile hit sound)
  2. Player Hit (male)
  3. Item Use Noises
  4. NPC Hit Noises
  5. NPC Death Noises
  6. Player death
  7. Bush sound (when plants are hit)
  8. Receive Item
  9. Door open
  10. Door close
  11. Interface Open
  12. Menu Option Hover Noise (click)
  13. Pot break (Glass, Bottles, Pots)
  14. Zombie moaning
  15. NPC Misc. Noises
  16. Cloud sound when double jumping
  17. Hermes Boots sound
  18. money clink
  19. Water sounds
  20. female hit
  21. Mining noise ("tick")
  22. Hotbar Lock sound
  23. Drowning noise
  24. Chat Noise
  25. Full mana bar sound (when the mana bar is fully recharged)
  26. Monster Groaning
  27. Pixie shimmering sound
  28. Switch sound (lever, switch, pressure plate, timer)
  29. Duck sound nr.1
  30. Duck sound nr.2
  31. Frog Sound
  32. Duck sound nr.3
  33. Bat death sound

Item Sounds (effect=2)Edit

  1. General Using Sound (for melee and most thrown stuff)
  2. Mushroom
  3. Having a Drink
  4. Fallen Star, Life Crystal
  5. Arrow, Blowpipe Shooting Sound
  6. Magic Mirror
  7. Lower version of general using sound (deep swish)
  8. Demon Scythe, Dirt Rod, Orb of Light, Vilethorn
  9. Crystal Storm, Magic Missile, Star Cannon, StarfuryAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. Guns
  11. Laser Rifle, Space Gun
  12. Water Spray
  13. Bomb Explosion
  14. Phaseblades
  15. Whoopie Cushion Fart
  16. Hornet Stinger
  17. Duplicate of #1
  18. Throwing sound (higher-pitched general use sound)
  19. Cursed Flames, Flamelash, Flower of Fire
  20. Water Bolt
  21. Motorized Tools (Drill, Chainsaw, Hamdrax loop this sound while being used)
  22. Motorized Tools Activation (plays with #22 at the start, but does not loop with it)
  23. Spectre Boots sound
  24. Fairy Bell
  25. Harp
  26. Coin Clink (Crystal Shard sound when broken)
  27. Ice Rod, Rainbow Rod
  28. Mana Crystal
  29. Ice Rod's Ice Block appearance sound
  30. Clockwork Assault Rifle
  31. Angel Wings / Demon Wings flapping sound
  32. Death Laser firing sound (Red lasers from the Destroyer and second-form Retinazer)
  33. Flamethrower
  34. Bell
  35. Shotgun
  36. Anvil clink
  37. Tactical Shotgun
  38. Vampire Knives
  39. Sniper Rifle
  40. Phoenix Blaster/Gatligator/Revolver/Venus Magnum
  41. (I dont know what item uses this sound, but the Santa NK1 Rockets use it)
  42. Gem Staffs (Like Ruby Staff, Emerald Staff, and so on)
  43. Slime Staff
  44. ...
  45. Staff of the Frost Hydra
  46. ''The Axe''
  47. Mining Snow
  48. Mining Snow #2
  49. Mining Ice

NPC Hit Noises (effect=3)Edit

  1. Default Hit Noise (quick splat)
  2. Skeleton
  3. Meteorhead, Projectiles (short whack)
  4. Possessed Armor (metal clank)
  5. Pixie
  6. Werewolf
  7. Wyvern
  8. Wall of Flesh (gross squish)
  9. Leech, The Hungry (squish/growl)
  10. Unicorn
  11. Snowmen
  12. Unicorn
  13. Leech/The Hungry

NPC Death Noise (effect=4)Edit

  1. Standard (splat)
  2. Undead "bleagh" (Zombies, Skeletons)
  3. Meteorhead, Projectiles (short dull impact)
  4. Bat
  5. Bone Serpent (animaly growl)
  6. Wraith (ethereal gasp)
  7. Pixie (tinkle)
  8. Wyvern (short, low animal growl)
  9. Vile Spit (short splat)
  10. Wall of Flesh (long loud roar)
  11. The Hungry (quick light squish)
  12. Leech, The Hungry II (heavy squish)
  13. (burp)
  14. All Hardmode Bosses (explosion)
  15. Snowmen (collapsing noise)
  16. Red/Cyan Beetle
  17. Butcher

NPC Misc. Noise (effect=15)Edit

0. Monster Roar (when summoning boss)

1. Burrowing sound (Worm digging sound)

Water Sound (effect=19)Edit

0. Splash (when player or npc touch water surface)

1. Water "bloop" (when items falls into water)

Hints and TipsEdit

Try Romulan Paladin's Dust and Sound Catalog Mod in order to view / hear and shop for different dust and sounds in game with some degree of direct control.