This is a list of Mod Packs currently available for Terraria, for use with the tConfig modding system. You will need to install tConfig in order to use these mods.
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About the list Edit

The tConfig version number shown in the "tConfig Version" column is the version number's last three sections. For example, tConfig version is shown in the "1.1+ Compatible Mods" list as simply "0.27.2".

By default, these lists are ordered by tConfig version.

Notes: Edit

  • Modder's Tip: To access a mod's source files, open its .obj file using winrar or 7zip.

Submitting new mods to this list: Edit

  • Include all source files (.INIs, images, C#, etc.) so that the mod can be re-built for newer versions of tConfig, if it becomes necessary to do so.
  • Make sure all files are separated properly. Example: "gold.ini", "gold.png", and "gold.cs" should all be in the "item" folder.

1.1+ Compatible Mods 2.0Edit

1.1+ Compatible ModsEdit

Older tConfig modpacks may have some compatibility issues and are not guaranteed to work. Check Updating Mods for new versions of tConfig for more information on updating older modpacks. Compatible Mods (outdated for 1.1+)Edit

The following Mod Packs are compatible with tConfig version They are likely not compatible with version 1.1 and above.