Please note: The details that were on this page have been moved to Paradise Lost/old and Paradise Lost/old2.

The goal of this mod is to eventually change many features of the game to make Terraria feel like a fresh, new experience.

Some ideas on the features that MAY be added:

  • More RPG stats
  • Different races!
  • A class system
  • Completely different base items
  • More prefixes/suffixes
  • Unique items with powerful effects, in addition to randomized ones
  • A skill/ability system

In a way, you could think of it as Diablo II: Platforming Edition.

Races: 3-4 different races with bonuses/penalties to certain stats Classes: 3-5 different classes per race. Each specializes in different things. Think of Final Fantasy Tactics - you'd have Nu Mou being spellcasters, while Bangaa were more warrior-focused.