Player Attributes

Player Attributes Edit

player.statDefense +=10000000000000000000000000000000; //Defence increase/decrease

player.velocity.X = 0.3f; //movespeed horizontal

player.velocity.Y = 0.3f; //movespeed vertical

player.immune = true; //Immune against damage

player.AddBuff(22, 3000, false); //add a buff (buff ID,time)

player.moveSpeed += 0.2f; //movement speed

player.gravControl=true; //control over gravity

player.manaCost -= 0.20f; //cost of mana

player.fireWalk = true; //can walk of fire bricks

player.magicDamage += 0.15f; //overall magic damage

player.rangedCrit += 15; //overall ranged crit

player.magicCrit += 15; //overall magic crit

player.meleeCrit += 15; //overall melee crit

player.meleeDamage += 0.15f; //overall melee damage

player.rangedDamage += 0.15f; //overall ranged damage

player.spaceGun = true; //*lets you shoot spacegun without using mana

player.noFallDmg = true; //no damage when falling

player.jumpBoost = true; //can jump higher

player.doubleJump = true; //can double jump

player.noKnockback = true; //no knockback when attacked

player.meleeSpeed += 0.25f; //melee speed of the player

player.statManaMax2 += 80; //adds to the maximum mana of the player

player.ammoCost80 = true; //*ammo cost of player

player.pickSpeed -= 0.2f; //the speed of mining

player.waterWalk = true; //can walk on water

player.thorns = true; //deals damage to attackers

player.difficulty=0; //difficulty of the character

player.lavaImmune = true; //immune to lava damage

player.velocity.X = 0.3f; //movespeed horizontal

player.velocity.Y = 0.3f; //movespeed vertical

player.breath = (player.breathMax 300); //waterbreath ((default; 200)(unlimited; -1))

player.jumpAgain = true; //let you jump infinite after a doublejump

player.invis = true; //let you be invisible (Like: Invisibility_Potion) Does only hides skin, won't disguise armor

player.rocketTime += 20; //the amount of time rocket boots can be used (a second roughly corresponds to a value of 5, so a value of 100 will last approximately 20 seconds)

player.wingTime += 1; //How long the player can use wings (Set to 0 and they can't fly even with wings. Set to 1 or higher for longer flight time)

player.pStone = true; //Philosopher's Stone effect

player.ShadowTail = true; //Set to true in order for player shadow trails to be drawn every frame.

player.ShadowAura = true; //Set to true in order for player shadow aura to be drawn every frame.

player.socialShadow = true; //It's not the blur of necro armor, its the "Purple rocket boots" given by shadow armor.

player.longInvince = true; //Increases length of invincibility after taking damage (as granted by the Cross Necklace accessory)

player.immuneTime = 5; //The time that the player is immune to attacks after being damaged

Missing attributes Edit

player.minionDamage =