The information in this article is for Terraria v1.0.6.1.

The player class is the single most important class in the game, and the one that is most visible to the player. There are a wide variety of functions to control behavior and change stats, and aside from items, this is probably the most used class.
Player Class
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Name Type Description
accCompass int (bool) Whether horizontal location displayed.
accDepthMeter int (bool) Whether the depth is displayed or not.

  • 0 = Do not show depth
  • 1 = Show depth
accDivingHelm bool Whether the Diving Helm is equipped?
accFlipper bool Whether the Flipper item is equipped.

  • false = Sink in water
  • true = Allow infinite jumping in water
accMerman bool Infinite breath in water

accWatch int Whether the time is displayed.

  • 0 = Do not show time
  • 1 = Time accurate to the nearest hour
  • 2 = Time accurate to the nearest 30 minutes
  • 3 = Time accurate to the nearest minute
active bool Whether player is flagged for deletion?
activeNPCs float
adjTile bool[]

An array that's used to tell the crafting system if you're standing near specific crafting stations. (Used for upgraded crafting station inheritance)

  • When near a Hellforge, tells crafting system you're also near a Furnace
  • When near an Adamantite Forge, tells crafting system you're also near a Hellforge and Furnace
  • When near a Mythril Anvil, tells crafting system you're near an Anvil
adjWater bool Whether the player is close to water. Might be what "needWater" crafting recipes check.
ammo Item[] Likely an array containing what are in the ammo slots on the player
ammoCost75 bool The player will not use ammo 25% of the time.
ammoCost80 bool The player will not use ammo 20% of the time.
archery bool Whether player has the effect of an Archery Potion ?
armor Item[] Likely an array containing what are in their armor slots
attackCD int Cooldown between attacks?
bank Item[] Likely an array of items stored in a piggy bank
bank2 Item[] Likely an array of items stored in a safe
bleed bool If true then player cannot regenerate life (or life regeneration is limited/reduced?) (as caused by the Bleeding debuff).
blind bool Whether the player is affected by a blind effect, reducing vision. This is set by the Darkness debuff.
blockRange int Toolbelt Effect. Affects both Vertical and Horizontal ranges. Default 0 or 1. Every point above 0 increases block placement range by that many blocks.
body int
bodyFrame Rectangle The current frame on the Player Image for the body. (Including chest armor)
bodyFrameCounter double
bodyPosition Vector2
bodyRotation float
bodyVelocity Vector2
boneArmor bool Skeleton hit sound, as granted with the Necro Armor?
breath int The amount of breath the player currently has?
breathCD int Something to do with breath cooldown. More testing needed.
breathMax int The maximum breath the user can have. A value of 20 is 1 bubble in the bubble bar. Default value is 200.
brokenArmor bool Whether the player has the Broken Armor debuff, which halves the players defense.
buffTime int[] Array of times left on buffs?
buffType int[] Array of buff types in use?
bunny bool Is the Bunny buff active?
canRocket bool Does the user have the ability to rocket like the Rocket Boots?
changeItem int
channel bool Whether the user is currently "channeling" a spell, so is using the mouse to keep it active?
chatShowTime int
chatText string
chest int When the player has a chest open, this represents its ID. Otherwise it is -1.
chestX int The X coordinate of the open chest.
chestY int The Y coordinate of the open chest.
confused bool Confusion debuff.
controlDown bool The Down movement key (Default: S)
controlHook bool The Grapple key (Default: E)
controlInv bool The Inventory key (Default: Esc)
controlJump bool The Jump key (Default: Space)
controlLeft bool The Left movement key (Default: A)
controlRight bool The Right movement key (Default: D)
controlThrow bool The Throw key (Default: Q)
controlUp bool The Up movement key (Default: W)
controlUseItem bool Flag for whether a particular button was pressed?
controlUseTile bool Flag for whether a particular button was pressed?
dead bool Whether the player is dead. If set to true, will immediately respawn at the default(?) spawn point with 100 HP.
delayUseItem bool
detectCreature bool Whether the player can see creatures in the dark, same as hunter potion
difficulty byte The difficulty the player is on.

  • 0=Softcore
  • 1=Mediumcore
  • 2=Hardcore
direction int Direction the player is facing.

  • -1 = left
  • +1 = right
doubleJump bool Whether the player can double jump. When double jumping, the animation for Cloud In a Bottle is still shown.
enemySpawns bool Doubles base spawn rate and spawn limit. Battle Potion effect(Water Candle hardcoded elsewhere).
eyeColor Color Color of the player's eye
fairy bool Player has a fairy?
fallStart int The block calculated for the start of falling. For example if your standing 500 blocks below the top of the world and set this 1 or 0, you'll automatically take damage equivalent to a 500 block drop (even without falling or moving)
findTreasure bool Whether treasure emits light (as granted by the Spelunker Potion )
fireWalk bool Whether the player avoids damage from hot bricks such as meteorite or hellstone. If it does not work with lava, then it works like an obsidian skull. If it DOES work for lava, then it works like an obsidian skin potion.
flapSound bool Whether to make flapping noise for wings?
ghost bool If the player has died on hardcore mode, they come back as a ghost and cannot interact with anything.
ghostFade float
ghostFrame int Current frame of a ghost.
ghostFrameCounter int
gills bool Whether the player must breathe water (as granted by the Gills Potion )
grapCount int A counter for the number of grapples the player has currently out (total attachment points).
grappling int[] Is the player currently grappling?
gravControl bool Whether player can direct their gravity (as per Gravitation Potion )
gravDir float Possibly the direction of gravity being applied
gross bool
hair int Which hair style the player is using.
hairColor Color Color of the player's hair style
hairFrame Rectangle
hbLocked bool
head int
headFrame Rectangle
headFrameCounter double
headPosition Vector2
headRotation float
headVelocity Vector2
height int The height of the player.
heldProj int
hitTile int
hitTileX int
hitTileY int
hostile bool Whether player is flagged for PvP?
immune bool Whether the player is immune to damage.
immuneAlpha int
immuneAlphaDirection int
immuneTime int The time that the player is immune to attacks after being damaged.
inventory Item[] The inventory. You can refrence various item properties here. For instance, Item[0].name will give you the name of the item in the 0th inventory slot.
invis bool Whether player is invisible as per Invisibility Potion . Only hides skin, won't disguise armor.
itemAnimation int
itemAnimationMax int
itemHeight int The height of the held item sprite.
itemLocation Vector2
itemRotation float The angle of the held item (in radians).
itemTime int
itemWidth int The width of the held item sprite.
jump int
jumpAgain bool

infinity jumps with "doubleJump"Edit

jumpBoost bool Whether the player's jump height is boosted (as granted by the Shiny Red Balloon accessory).
kbGlove bool Titan glove?
killGuide bool Whether the player can harm the guide (as granted by the Guide Voodoo Doll accessory).
lavaImmune bool Whether player is immune to the effects of lava
lavaWet bool Whether the player is submerged in lava (to take damage)
legFrame Rectangle
legFrameCounter double
legPosition Vector2
legRotation float
legs int
legVelocity Vector2
lifeRegen int How much life is restored when the counter completes a cycle?
lifeRegenCount int Counter that counts up to lifeRegenTime. Once it completes the player gains 1 HP and it likely decrements lifeRegenTime (thus leading to rapidly accelerating regeneration).
lifeRegenTime int Not exactly sure how it works, but increases as time goes on from your last damage. Possibly this is the actual counter speed.
lightOrb bool This does not seem to create a light orb like the Orb of Light that follows a player. More testing needed.
longInvince bool Increases length of invincibility after taking damage (as granted by the Cross Necklace accessory).
magicCrit int Chance to deal double damage with a spell? I believe the default is 4 (so 4%)
magicDamage float Magic damage modifier for the player. This is multiplied with the item damage, and is 1.0 by default.
male bool Whether player is male or female. Sprites are asexual, only chooses the voice pack used at this point.
manaCost float The player's mana cost modifier. More testing needed.
manaFlower bool Mana flower buff.
manaRegen int See lifeRegen
manaRegenBuff bool Whether player has increased mana regeneration. As granted by the Mana Regeneration Potion .
manaRegenCount int Counts up to manaRegenDelay, and then adds 1 Mana.
manaRegenDelay int Time, in frames, to gain 1 Mana.
maxMinions int Maximum amount of minions the player can have.
meleeCrit int Chance to cause double damage in melee. I believe the default is 4 (percent)
meleeDamage float Melee damage modifier for the player. This is multiplied with the item damage, and is 1.0 by default.
meleeSpeed float Melee speed for the player, which dictates how fast a melee item is used. This is multiplied with the item speed, and is 1.0 by default.
minionDamage float Minion damage modifier for the player. This is multiplied with the item damage, and is 1.0 by default.
mouseInterface bool
moveSpeed float The players move speed.
name string Name of player.
nightVision bool Increases the brightness of light sources, allowing better vision in dim environments, though has no effect on complete darkness. This is granted in game by the Night Owl Potion .
noFallDmg bool Whether the player takes damage from falling or not (as granted by the Lucky Horseshoe accessory)
noItems bool Whether or not the Player has the Cursed Debuff applied to them.
noKnockback bool Whether the player is nudged from damage (as granted by the Cobalt Shield accessory)
nonTorch int
oldAdjTile bool[]
oldAdjWater bool
oldVelocity Vector2 The player's last velocity. Useful in custom animations to determine which direction they should be facing.
onFire bool Check for the "On Fire!" debuff?
pantsColor Color Color of player's pants
poisoned bool Check for the poisioned debuff?
position Vector2 The player's position.
potionDelay int
pStone bool Philosopher's Stone effect.
pvpDeath bool Whether the player died in PvP?
rangedCrit int Chance of critical strikes with ranged weapons. Default chance is 4%.
rangedDamage float Damage dealt with ranged weapons?
releaseHook bool Whether the Grapple key has been released.
releaseInventory bool Whether the Inventory key has been released.
releaseJump bool Whether the Jump key has been released.
releaseQuickHeal bool Whether the Quick Heal key has been released.
releaseQuickMana bool Whether the Quick Mana key has been released.
releaseThrow bool Whether the Throw key has been released.
releaseUseItem bool Whether the Use Item key has been released.
releaseUseTile bool Whether the Use Tile key has been released.
respawnTimer int How long until player respawns
rocketBoots int ( bool ) Whether an item granting the Rocket Boots effect is equipped. ( 1 = true )
rocketDelay int
rocketDelay2 int
rocketFrame bool
rocketRelease bool
rocketTime int
rocketTimeMax int The maximum amount of time rocket boots can be used for. This is not in seconds (a second roughly corresponds to a value of 5, so a value of 100 will last approximately 20 seconds. More testing needed.)
rulerAcc bool Player can see tile placement grid (as per the Ruler accessory).
runSoundDelay int
selectedItem int

The ID of the selected item slot for this player. Can be 0-9 for the hotbar slots (0 is slot 1, 1 is slot 2, etc., 9 is slot 0), or 48 if the player is holding an item with the mouse.

To get the actual selected item itself, index the player's inventory at this location, like "player.inventory[player.selectedItem];".

setBonus string The set bonus is active foer the specified armor.
shadow float
ShadowAura bool Set to true in order for player shadow aura to be drawn every frame.
shadowCount int
shadowPos Vector2[]
ShadowTail bool Set to true in order for player shadow trails to be drawn every frame.
shirtColor Color The players shirt colour.
shoeColor Color The players shoe colour.
showItemIcon bool Whether to show the icon of an item on the mouse cursor.
showItemIcon2 int The type of item to show on the mouse cursor. If this is 0, the player's currently selected item will be shown. Useful for showing that you can interact with a tile.
sign int
silence bool Silence debuff.
skinColor Color Color of player's skin
slow bool Slow debuff.
slowCount int
slowFall bool Whether player is affected by the slowfall effect, as granted by the Featherfall Potion .
socialShadow bool It's not the blur of necro armor, its the "Purple rocket boots" given by shadow armor.
spaceGun bool Whether the space gun uses mana? (as granted by the Meteor Armor set bonus).
spawnMax bool
SpawnX int The Spawn X co-ordinate.
SpawnY int The Spawn Y co-ordinate.
spI int[]
spN string[]
spX int[]
spY int[]
starCloak bool Star Cloak buff.
statAttack int Current attack damage?
statDefense int Current defense (2 def reduces damage by 1)
statLife int Current HP
statLifeMax int Max HP
statLifeMax2 int Max HP granted by items/buffs
statMana int Current Mana
statManaMax int Max Mana granted by Mana Crystals
statManaMax2 int Max Mana granted by items/buffs
step int
stickyBreak int
swimTime int
talkNPC int If/which NPC a player is chatting?
team int The current team the player is on.
thorns bool Whether player reflects damage as per thorns ; 1/2 of damage taken is reflected.
tongued bool Whether the player has the Tongue Debuff and is being held by the tongue of the Wall of Flesh.
toolTime int
townNPCs float
underShirtColor Color Color of player's undershirt
velocity Vector2 The players currently velocity. In feet per second?
waterWalk bool Whether the player can walk on water or not
wereWolf bool Display player as werewolf?
wet bool Whether player is in water
wetCount byte Possibly a timer for how long they've been in water??
whoAmi int The ID in the Player[] array?
width int The width of the player sprite.
wings int 0 = none, 1 = Demon, 2 = Angel
wingTime int How long the player has been using wings for. Set to 0 and they can't fly even with wings. Set to 1 or higher for infinite flight.
wolfAcc bool Whether the player is holding a Moon Charm , and so will become a werewolf on full moons.
zoneDungeon bool Whether player is in the Dungeon biome.
zoneEvil bool Whether player is in the Corruption biome.
zoneHoly bool Whether player is in the Hallow biome.
zoneJungle bool Whether player is in the Jungle biome.
zoneMeteor bool Whether player is in the Meteor biome.

Static PropertiesEdit

Name Type Description
deadForGood bool Died on Hardcore?
tileRangeX int Horizontal block place range. Cannot be changed. See blockRange above.
tileRangeY int Vertical block place range. Cannot be changed. See blockRange above.


Method Name Description
public void AddBuff(int type, int time)

Applies a buff of the given type to the player for the specified duration. Time is in frames, 60 frames per second.

  • Returns no value
public void AdjTiles()


  • Returns no value
public bool BuyItem(int price)


  • Returns no value
public void ChangeSpawn(int x, int y)

Sets the players spawn point to the location at X, Y

  • Returns no value
public void checkArmor()


  • Returns no value
public object clientClone()

Creates a clone of the object for the client, when using multiplayer.

  • Returns a copy of Player
public object Clone()

Creates a copy of the object.

  • Returns a new instance of the Player
int countBuffs()

Returns the number of buffs currently on the player

  • Returns no value
public void DelBuff(int b)

Removes the buff at buff[] index b.

  • Returns no value
public void DoCoins(int i)

Stacks all the coins in your coin slots (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Copper)

  • Returns no value
public void DropCoins()


  • Returns no value
public void dropItemCheck()


  • Returns no value
public void DropItems()


  • Returns no value
public void FindSpawn()

Updates SpawnX and SpawnY.

  • Returns no value
public Color GetDeathAlpha(Color newColor)

Get the alpha blending value for the player's death.

  • Returns the alpha as Color
public Color GetImmuneAlpha(Color newColor)

Gets the color used when the player is immune to damage.

  • Returns immunity color as Color
public Item GetItem(int plr, Item newItem)


  • Returns ??? as Item
public bool HasItem(int type)

Whether the player as a certain item in their inventory or equipped.

  • Returns true if they do, false otherwise
public void HealEffect(int healAmount)

Creates green text on player's head which shows how much they were healed.

  • Returns no value
public double Hurt(
    int Damage,
    int hitDirection,
    [bool pvp = false],
    [bool quiet = false],
    [string deathText = " was slain..."]

Damages the player by the given amount. The hit direction indicates the direction the damage is coming from

  • Returns ??? as double
public void ItemCheck(int i)


  • Returns no value
public bool ItemSpace(Item newItem)


  • Returns no value
public void KillMe(
    double dmg,
    int hitDirection,
    [bool pvp = false],
    [string deathText = " was slain..."]

Damages the player by the given amount. The hit direction indicates the direction the damage is coming from. Always kills the player?

  • Returns no value
public void KillMeForGood()

Possibly used when a hardcore character dies.

  • Returns no value
public void ManaEffect(int manaAmount)

Displays the blue sparkly letters above the player's head when they heal mana.

  • Returns no value
public void PlayerFrame()


  • Returns no value
public void QuickBuff()

Whether the quick buff button was pressed.

  • Returns no value
public void QuickHeal()

Whether the quick heal button was pressed.

  • Returns no value
public void QuickMana()

Whether the quick mana button was pressed.

  • Returns no value
public bool SellItem(int price)


  • Returns ??? as bool
public void Spawn()

Contains the state the player is in when they spawn (sets frames, makes sure the player doesnt spawn in a block, etc)

  • Returns no value
public void toggleInv()

When called, shows or hides the inventory.

  • Returns no value
public void UpdatePlayer(int i)

Updates the player with the given index.

  • Returns no value

Static MethodsEdit

Method Name Description
public static byte FindClosest(
    Vector2 Position,
    int Width,
    int Height

Returns the closest player in the rectangle starting at Position

  • Returns the player index as byte
public static string getDeathMessage(
    [int plr = -1],
    [int npc = -1],
    [int proj = -1],
    [int other = -1]

Gets the death text for the given player with the given set of conditions.

  • Returns the death message as String
public static Player LoadPlayer(string playerPath)

Loads a player from a file

  • Returns the loaded player as Player
public static void SavePlayer(Player newPlayer, string playerPath)

Saves a player to the given file

  • Returns no value


None yet

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