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This page contains information that has been deemed outdated or deprecated, but will still be kept for archival. It may or may not be updated.

Current Features

  • Randomizes numeric attributes of items placed in chests during world generation
  • You can customize which attributes it randomizes, by how much, and what prefixes/suffixes it uses
  • An optional setting that will randomize all crafted items. Now, when you go to craft a sword or whatever, you don't really know what you're going to get!
  • An algorithm that generates numbers such that higher numbers are more rare. This is used when randomizing items.
  • Ability to increase the "luck" for each attribute, and the base luck for all randomization. The higher the luck, the higher the chances of getting a rare value.

Stuff to do

  • Make it possible to craft items using randomized items. The newly crafted item should inherit stats from the required items. The Dynamic Recipes concept is related to this.
  • More item randomization features, such as randomly applying buff effects, and randomly applying .cs files.
    • I'm thinking of having a folder called "Generic Code" or something like that, which will contain miscellaneous code files that can be randomly selected from. They might also be broken down into categories somehow.
  • NPCs - randomly generating new versions of existing NPCs by changing their attributes and recoloring their sprite, automatically. This part will probably have to generate a modpack that needs to be loaded.


  • With the new system of items, it is now possible to increase or decrease their attributes at will. This leads to a few possibilities:
    • Weapons,pickaxes,etc. could degrade through usage - more in the sense that their attributes would decrease, so for example your sword would start doing less damage as you continued to use it.
    • Weapons and various other things could be upgraded by combining them with other items. I was thinking of having either an NPC or a chest that you can place items in, click a button, and the items would combine appropriately. There could be some new rare ore which increases damage of weapons, and another rare ore that increases swing speed, or rare drops from enemies could be used to do this instead. This gives you some freedom to craft the weapon of your desire, but still with the required items being so rare, it doesn't take away the desire to explore and find chests with good weapons.
  • Random shops - Shops that are placed in the world randomly, like chests, and are populated with random items every time you load the world.