This page will contain a variety of helpful tools, resources, and other things that will make life easier for working with mods. For the most recent versions of tConfig, see Downloads.




Terraria ResourcesEdit

  • Install Guide - Get tConfig up and going today!
  • Surfpup's Example Pack - A variety of examples showcasing what tConfig can do. Highly recommended for beginners, and as a reference. Requires tConfig to be installed, so check out the Install Guide if you need help.
  • Tile Template - It's a blank template for filling out your own terrain.
  • Blank Buff & Debuff - for making a sprite of your own (de-)buff.
  • XNB Exporter - Rip .png files from Terraria so you can edit them. More easily accesible here.
  • Default .ini Files - All the tiles, items, projectiles, etc you'd find in vanilla Terraria. Fully editable and good to go!
  • ILSpy - Used to decompile the game.
  • Default Sounds - The ingame sounds, and the music WaveBank included. (The TerrariaMusic file is needed to configurate the WaveBank.)

Working with ArtEdit


  • Photoshop - The best, but very expensive.
  • - Lightweight; supports transparency.


  • GraphicsGale - A free, lightweight alternative to photoshop. Good for animation!
  • GIMP - Works if you don't want the above.
  • ASEPRITE - A free sprite creation tool, easy to use. Good for animation! Not recommended for high res images.
  • - A free online image editing program; easy to use, available any time you have an internet connection, but somewhat limited in more professional functions.

Working with CodeEdit


  • Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 Express Pretty much the best thing you'll find. Lets you know when you make errors, and highlights your code for good readability. Free too! Get this.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express - Same thing, but in Windows 8 style and some other small changes. Does not support XNA Game Studio 4.0.
Version for Windows 8 - Desktop Version (and an update here , if you want)
  • Notepad++ - A free text editor that acts like Notepad, but on steroids. Offers code highlighting.
  • SharpDevelop - (also known as #Develop) Open Source IDE for many coding languages.


  • Notepad - Comes loaded on any computer, but does not support syntax checking or highlighting. Works in a pinch, though.
  • Notepad2 - It replaces the old windows notepad with a powerful tool that can read the C# syntax along with many other tools.
  • Programmers Notepad - Similar to notepad++ again with C# versitility.
  • Snippet Editor - A C# Code Snippet Editor and Creator for quick calling code snippits in c# compiling.
  • gVim - An extremely powerful and flexible text editor for any coding project. You will never use another editor again. 

Working with SoundEdit


  • Audacity - A free, open source audio editor.


  • FLStudio - One of the most in-depth audio programs around. Comparable to Photoshop in terms of power and cost.
  • Mixcraft - A fairly powerful, but antiquated program, but it is pretty good at doing what FL does. It is not free, but has a trial period.
  • SFXR - A very lightweight tool that lets you make 8- or 16-bit sounds, like you would expect to hear on a gameboy or SNES. With some care, you can make decent sound effects.
  • BFXR - Like SFXR, but has an online version and is more powerful.
  • Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool - Used to make WaveBanks. Somewhere between these programs in the installer.

File HostingEdit

  • Dropbox - A very powerful tool for storing any kind of files online. Note that it is entirely web based and you do not need to download their software.
  • Imgur - A quick, temporary, and anonymous image sharing site. Simply upload a picture and then link it to others. Perfect for uploading a quick or non permanent screenshot, for example.
  • Pastebin - A great anonymous text sharing site. Just copy and paste the text, and choose the formatting (C#), and it will highlight it, and generate a very shareable link.
  • Hastebin - Lightweight, anything-but-the-pasted-code-free site, it auto-chooses a code highlight setting, you can change the end of the url (like to any code you want (like
  • Pastie - Another free alternative to Pastebin.
  • Filebeam - A free file hosting site that is quick and efficient, but it can only upload 100 MB at a time. You do not have to be a member to use the service, as you would for some hosts.
  • uppit - A free file hosting site for up to 500 MB; again, you do not have to be a member to upload.