The idea for this page is to provide a list of custom tiles that have been made to help avoid duplication of effort (although multiple variations are welcome!)

The list should have tile name, author, picture, link, and ideally (with some hosting solution?) a link for downloading just that tile.

suggested categories:

Vanilla Terraria Additions (logical continuation of Terraria blocks):

example: adamantite bricks (other ores have them, why not)

Ice Block - Phlebas (the ice rod ice block is not really a tile)

Iron Brick - ???

subcategory: Vanilla Terraria Active Block Additions VortexJ: Blue Brick, Candy Cane, Cobalt Brick, Copper Brick, Demonite, Gold Brick, Gray Brick, Green Brick, Green Candy Cane Block, Hellstone Brick, Iridescent Brick, Iron Brick, Mudstone Brick, Mythril Brick, Obsidian Brick, Pearlstone Brick, Pink Brick, Red Brick, Silver Brick, Snow Brick, Wood ( i think that's about all of them?)

Recolors (vanilla tiles that have just been recolored, for example new ores)

Alterations (vanilla tiles that have been altered to give different functionality)

example: slanted wood blocks Slanted Wood Blocks - Phlebas

Icy Grey Brick, Icy Dirt - Phlebas

Custom tiles (tiles with no precedent)

Active Iron Gate - Phlebas

Bouncy Branches - Phlebas

also: a library for walls, and maybe a code library for buffs (it may be a good exercise but everyone does not need to make their own Frozen debuff)