Next Release



  • Work on the Biome Priorities
  • Update the town NPC interface to allow for more custom NPCs


  • None currently

Possibly not bugs:

  • Need to create new version of Item.Clone() method that gets called when new item stacks are created, so that Item references in subclass objects are updated properly


  • add the ability to choose custom hairstyles on character creation
  • Update modpack builder to read source files from a different directory. Probably should make it configurable in the Config Mod.ini file.
  • Create a way to create a collection of mods; essentially like a zip file consisting of .obj files. The collection would appear as one mod in the menu, even though it consists of many mods.
  • Tiles - Add INI option for specifying which item to drop based on which frame the tile is on
  • Update the server to use a separate file for configuring which mods are loaded, and also add a menu option for choosing which mods are loaded.
  • If a mod is outdated, and it is in the new format with the source included, have tConfig automatically rebuild it.
  • 'randomFrames' Tile ini attribute. Specify the number of actual possible frames, and the frame used when the tile is placed is chosen from those at random
  • CanPlaceSlot() method for regular Chests