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We have a variety of useful templates now, so USE THEM!

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Place these on the top of a page to denote it for updating.

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To-Do Edit

In no particular order:

  • Check for archived pages, outdated pages, and pages being made.
  • Change templates on the class page to be more organized.
  • Redo the class pages, again. Now that I know what I'm doing with categories and templates, this should hopefully be more painless. Low priority, since it's all documented in the decompiled code anyways.
  • Verify and update older information. Low priority again, but should be done sooner rather than later.
  • Beautify the TConfig Classes page a bit more.
  • Still need to figure out how to add .css code to the tables, to get zebra striping. Class="" methods didn't seem to work. Low priority, since tables suck for non tabular data.
  • Figure out how to change the TOC on some pages so that pages that use excessive versioning (ie, changelog) don't appear crowded.
  • New image in the front page! It's nice, but rather aged (and the font used on it is kinda ugly)
  • Redo the front page. I'm thinking a bunch of smaller boxes that link to different categories or something. Make the categories more useful.